As most of you who have been to the show before know, The Uncle Neil And Friends Annual Toy Drive takes at least 8 months to plan & organize, and this year has been no different. A lot of wonderful things have been happening and this would be the page to visit to find out all the latest updates.


And the good news just keeps coming. We have another new sponsor. Derrick from Noble Toyz just informed me that they'll be helping us make dreams come true this year.

Perhaps you've seen him at our show. Maybe you've bumped into him at a Fan Expo or a Comic Con. No matter where it is, you know this guy is the real deal. Not only has he brought so much joy to the families at our Uncle Neil & Friends Annual Toy Drive over the years, but he is also one hell of a nice guy and an incredibly talented artist. Take a peek at his stuff on Facebook. Everything is for sale except for his heart. That belongs to his amazing partner Erin. Below you'll find a picture he drew for me of himself, our Deadpool and me. Yup, like I said... talented indeed.

Yesterday we received our donation from Hasbro and as always it was nothing short of astounding! What I'd really like to mention at this moment though is my parents Joyce & Bernie Haden. They worked so hard that I was almost brought to tears with their seemingly tireless energy and incredible resolve. They have been helping me pick up donations, deliver flyers, unload donations, and sort and count toys (sometimes in the bitter cold and snow) for 13 years now. Keep in mind dad is 77 and mom is 74. There have been times when it has been so cold that you could barely feel your fingers through your gloves. And then there were days like yesterday where there was so much heavy lifting that I was trying to grit my teeth and not show how much I was hurting. Me, a punk half their age. Yet did they complain? Not once. Days like yesterday are a real treat for my parents and I. Not only because of the donations and the kids we know they will be helping, but because we get to share the joy of that moment. It's always a thrill that warms the heart knowing we're making a difference, especially to a child that may otherwise receive nothing, but as I say sharing the moment with someone is a true blessing. It's one of my favourite things about this who drive. When the skids arrive, they are always filled with many assorted toys. We have to open every box, and sort through each toy, count them, and then repackage them for the day of the show. Believe me it's hard work (None of us are complaining) and sometimes when I get home I find my knees and back are quite mad at me. Yet my parents, work right beside me like there is no difference between their age and mine. I am so proud to call myself their son, and to know that any drive or ambition I have comes from their teachings. My name may be on the banner, but this whole journey of over Two Hundred Thousand Toys, (and counting) started long before I was born. Back when two people with hearts as big as planets met and fell in love. They lead by example, and are definitely are hard act to follow. Thank you mom and dad, I love you. Humbly your son -UN

Thanks to the efforts of one of our newest sponsors Zealous Pro Solutions Ltd., we have two brand new sponsors to add to our evergrowing family. Both Accucut in Vaughan, and Canada Cartage in Brampton will be collecting toys in pre-show drop boxes at their locations.
Check out the "Drop Box" section of our website to find one near you.

Wow what a nice Wednesday night surprise! Thanks to Mike Skarvinko & Kathi Holland for accepting this amazing donation on behalf of the kids and ensuring that so many children will have the opportunity to smile this Christmas. Two sweeter people you'll be hard pressed to find.
I am TRULY blessed to call the friends.

We would like to thank the folks over at Zealous Pro Solutions Ltd. for helping us spread the word about this years show. The math is as simple now as it was when we first began; The more people that come to the show, the more kids we can help

We'd like to welcome back Duncan Seton and the folks at Beyond Kung Fu. For the past 2 years, Beyond Kung Fu has been collecting toys in a pre-show drop box. Their efforts with children both at their location and with what they collect is awe-inspiring.

JW Davis Insurance Brokers have agreed to collect toys in a pre-show drop box again. Their efforts last year helped many children that would otherwise have had nothing, wake up Christmas morning and smile.

Another creator is back with us. The brains, talent (and looks) from Novatis Designs and Rogue Gallery are here to stay my friends. Now know as Rogue Replicas, this dynamic duo are true lovers of life. These two are epitome of awesome. If you've met them even once you know what I'm talking about. And now like two puzzle pieces who have finally found their perfectly fitting counterpart, they are an amazing compliment to each other. Wish Ashe, Joey has truly found the jewel for his crown.

Baja Cosplay is back again for a third year. We're thrilled to have the talents of this wonderful man on board again. At Baja Cosplay Mr. Puchala's mantra can be summed up with 5 small words. "How hard can it be?" That's pretty much it. Dan started building because he wasn't afraid of the journey to the end result. He sees a problem and can picture ways to solve it. He loves the journey as much as the destination. Thriving on that part of creation that drives most people crazy is relaxing to him. It's no wonder why you can not only see the time and energy put into his work, but also feel the pride that comes in loving the thing you do.

We're very excited to welcome back our good friends at CARSTAR in Brampton.

We Have Another New Sponsor!!!
The folks at Worx Toys are showing us all how it is truly done. Not only will they be donating toys to help us see that no child has to do without this year, but they are going to come and volunteer on the day of the show. If that doesn't make you smile, then I don't know what will. As always, you can find out more information about Worx Toys by visiting our Sponsors Page, or our Links Page. Welcome to the family Worx Toys, we're absolutely thrilled to have you.

Up in the sky, it's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman!
I've always wondered about those first two people who couldn't tell the difference between a bird, a plane and a flying man in a cape. Anyway, he's faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and will be joining us at the Uncle Neil & Friends Annual Toy Drive this year. It's the Man of Steel himself, Superman!

We have a new photographer joining our team. His is a name well known amongst our cosplay community. Tim Bermingham is a Top Shelf Grade A Photographer who will be joining us on the day of the show to wave his magic wand/camera and capture the shots that'll make ya feel like you were there in person.

We have an opportunity to raise some awareness, and funds for more toys for the kids this year. The folks at Boston Pizza (Warden & Eglinton) have offered us the opportunity to be "Celebrity Guest Servers" for a couple of hours. On Saturday October 21st between noon and 3pm.

10% of all sales will be donated to support Uncle Neil & Friends Annual Toy Drive, and all proceeds will go to buying more toys for the kids in need. If you're heading out for lunch Saturday, drop in and say hello. As always, together we can prove that "So Little Can Do So Much For So Many!" Thanks in advance for any and all help.
This is going to be another Great year!

Man I am so stoked to introduce you to our latest member of our ever impressive cosplay community. This year, the UNTD Super Friends are going to be the best that you've ever seen. Ladies and gents, please join me in welcoming... Mystique

Exciting news! We have two brand new sponsors to tell you about. Comic World in Bramalea and, Comic Warehouse in Brampton. Both locations will be collecting toys for us in preshow drop boxes. They are wonderful people and we are proud to be associated with them both.

Whilst at comic warehouse today, I got to hang out with the amazing "Sketch Soldier" Arnold Trinidad. (Pictured here with his good friend and fellow talented artist Lidia) Arnold has been drawing at our show for 2 years now, and will thankfully be back again this year!

Yesterday while the family was having lunch at The Works in Pickering, the owners got a jumpstart on their donation for this year. I would like to express our thanks to the new managers. Greg (pictured) and Tony.

Today was a good day. Mark and I played at a birthday party in Peterborough. (Been a while since I've driven almost 2 hours for a gig LOL) It was Clifford's 50th surprise birthday and he had himself a good time for sure. This party was organized by his sister Cheri with help from the entire Crawford family. These folks always go above and beyond for our annual toy drive show. At today's event, for the invitation it was decided that instead of bringing presents for Clifford, all he would want is for each person to bring a toy to donate to our Uncle Neil and friends annual toy drive. And boy oh boy did people ever do just that. By the end of the day there were over 130 toys collected. That's 130 very happy children this year that would otherwise have nothing this Christmas. I would like to thank everybody for including me in such a successful event, for both the birthday boy, and the children they have helped.

Okay, here's just a little update to keep your pallet wet and excited for this years show.
Here are a few of the super heroes (and super villains) that will be joining us this year.